BARE KNUCKLES was started in 2017 by Jacob Keller and Cole McBride.

We built our brand out of necessity. Although we worked in the fashion industry, we rarely purchased new pieces, because we always found something that we would have done differently in production. Whether that be changes in the cut, the fit, or the wash, we sought to make our own version of what we wanted to see in stores. Our goal was simple: to create versatile garments that could be worn every day, and got better and better with time.

Each piece from our first collection has a vintage, worn-in feel and is built with the highest quality materials and hardware. Pieces are made in Los Angeles, with materials sourced from around the world. All hardware is Cobrax (a sub-brand of RiRi) and all zippers are Raccagni (made in Italy).
We use a variety of washes to help break down our garments - these include stone washing, enzyme washing, softening washes, and oil washing. This ensures that the garment has a broken-in feel, straight out of the box. 

BARE KNUCKLES is meant to be worn together and worn separately with items from your own wardrobe. We believe in versatility and it is important to us that you are able to wear a piece of BARE KNUCKLES with any outfit.